What are your chances of getting Dealt Aces?

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Have You Ever Sat And Watched Other People Fold Their Cards Hand After Hand? To Wait For A High Hand Or Pocket Aces? You Can See It Right Here.

What are your chances of getting Dealt Aces?
Dealt Aces?

Pocket Aces Or Pair A : Your Chances Of Getting Aces Is 1 In 221 Hands.

– Three Of A Kind, Or 3 Cards Of The Same Rank Your Chances Of Getting A Triple Is 2.1128% Or 1 In 46.33 Hands.

– Royal Flush (Royal Flush) Or As Everyone Knows Well According To The Rules Of Playing Poker. Getting A Royal Flush Is The Best Hand You Can Make, However The Odds Of Getting This One Are Also The Lowest At 0.000154% Or 1 In 649,739 Hands Which Is A Lot Of Play UFABET.

– Straight Flush You Might Think Your Chances Of Getting A Straight Flush Are A Bit Easier. But The Chances Are Still Only 0.0015% Or
1 In 72,192 Hands

– Cards Of The Same Suit And Consecutive Values ​​(Suited Connectors)

– Big Pairs Well, You Might Not Be Too Greedy. But If You Hope, If You Just Want An Interesting Set Of Cards Like Suited Connectors, You Still Have A 1 In 24.5 Chance Of Getting A Big Pair Like JJ, QQ, KK Or AA. Each Chance You Get Is 0.181 Or 1 In 54.25 Hand.