This person is recommended! Pep clearly identifies the manager most suitable for Barca

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Barcelona asked Pep Guardiola for advice about a new manager at Camp Nou to replace Xabi Hernandez, and Manchester City manager Roberto was recommended. De Zerbi for his old team

This person is recommended! Pep clearly identifies the manager most suitable for Barca

Spanish media reports that Barcelona has asked for advice from Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola regarding the new manager of Camp Nou who will replace Xavi Hernandez. The Navy boss also introduced Brighton ‘s Roberto de Zerbi to his former team.

It’s official that Barcelona is preparing to face another big change as Xavi Hernandez has already confirmed his resignation ahead of time. To take responsibility for the performance that has fallen from the standard this ยูฟ่าเบท season.

Recently, Barca has been rumored to be targeting several new managers, such as Jurgen Klopp, Miguel Arteta, Hansi Flick, Rafael Marquez, Michel of Girona or the same as De Zerbi

Recently, the Catalunya Radio station reported that Joan Laporta. The president of the Chao Boon Throwing team. Used his friendship to contact Guardiola to ask for special advice on the new coach who will replace Xavi next season.

The Manchester City boss gave De Zerbi’s name to Laporta, saying the Italian coach was of particular interest. After working in many places with Palermo, Benevento, Sassuolo, Shakhtar Donetsk and now doing well with Brighton with a team approach that is ready to open up opportunities. Let the young players come up and make their mark. Along with good reinforcements in almost every market.

However, De Zerbi has a release clause in his contract with Brighton worth up to 10 million euros. Barca will have to pay in order to get him to work at Camp Nou.

In the past, Laporta often sought advice from legendary people like Johan Cruyff, who was both a former Barcelona manager and player. But when Cruyff left, he often relied on his advice. Vardiola, who have worked together before