Loose Agreesive, the most difficult technique to deal with! How to read

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This Has Been Unanimously Proven That The Hardest Strategy To Fight Whether It’s In A Cache Game That Is Used To Eat Ordinary Money Or Even In Tournaments, Loose Aggressive Or LAG, LAG Poker Players Are The Most Annoying And Annoying At The Table. Because They Will Play Often Triple Preflop Fuss Whatever Put And Put Again The Front Face Is Numb Without Fear If Anyone Opens A Channel, They Immediately Pierce It.

While Texas Hold’em No Limit Has Become A Mainstream Game But Few People Know How To Play LAG Poker, Or At Least Want To Try It Out. In Old Poker Strategy Books There Is Also A Warning That Be Extremely Careful In Following If You Race. Even If You’re Holding A KK Hand, This Might Be A Bit Of A Warning To Keep In Mind When Playing Both Tight And UFABET Loose Poker, But In This Day And Age Where More LAGs Are Being Played, This Warning Just Isn’t Enough. And Will Make You Lose Money As If Playing

Loose Agreesive, the most difficult technique to deal with! How to read

So What Is A Loose Agressive Style Of Poker?

It Means That The Player Has A Greater Range Of Cards To Play. Compared To Tight Players, They Play More Than 30% More Cards And Play Hard. Gae And Gae Again, But Not Everyone Who Uses LAG Is Always Good. Playing Badly Turns Into Desperation. And Refused To Squat

Whereas A Good Loose Aggressive Player Knows Which Hands To Fight And Which Hands To Fold. (Loose-Aggressive Poker: Starting Hands) Some Players Will Wade All Kinds Of Cards. And Relying On His Playfulness And Post-Flop Skills To Force His Opponent To Retreat With Open Cards In The Middle Of The Table.

If You’re Going To Try The LAG Way, At Least Have A Few Hand Picking Conditions.

As I Said, LAGs Play At Least 30% More Cards Than TAGs (Tight Aggressive). Here Are Some Examples Of Cards Played By Some LAG Players.

-Every Pair Of Cards In The Hand







As You Can See, They Played A Lot Of Different Cards. Which We Will Not Be Able To Guess At What These Are And When He Raises, Raises, And Pours, It’s Hard For Us To Guess Whether This Is A Pair Of Flush, Triangular, Straight, Or Draw Cards. Or Is It A Bluff?