How To Fight Against LAG Players

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Now We Can See Why Playing Like This Is Scary. And Difficult To Fight But It Wasn’t That He Couldn’t Fight. We Just Have To Adjust How We Play To Cope. The First Step When I Saw Them On The Table. We Have To Be More Careful With The Cards We Play. And If You Don’t Care Where To Find Them, Then Welcome To The Nightmare. Even If You Get A Good Position But The Cards In Weak Hands Are Just As Bad.

Hands Like K8s Might Be Good To Play When We’re In The Button Position, But If There’s A LAG In The BB Position That Triples All The Time, That’s Fine. It’s Better Not To Go Here In Hopes Of Eating In The Midfield. Because You Will Have To Pay More To See All The UFABET Cards. (Plus, The Cards Are Still Weak) Playing Cards With The Guys (LAG) Nothing Is Definitely Right.

How To Fight Against LAG Players

Second, If Fighting With These Players Let’s Play Hard Cards In A Chill, Light Way Before And After The Flop. Players Who Tend To Enjoy Using 3 Bets All The Time Tend To Fold When Dealing With 4 Bets Because It Bets Too Many Cards. (Meaning That There Are Many Eyes, The Cards Are Not That Good)

So This Is A Great Opportunity. You’ll Be Followed By A Strong Pair, Such As A To Q Pairs, Although You Shouldn’t Get Used To This. But It’s A Good Strategy To Fight Against Loose Force (LAG).

You Can Also Continue This Method After The Flop, Because The (LAG) Raises Again (At Least On The Turn), But They Stop When Resistance Returns (First Bet Or Reverse). S) Instead Of Checking The Race Or Pick Up When There Is A Tong Leave The Way Over There For Us

We Also Use A Variety Of Hand LAGs To Counter With Bluffs Such As 4 Bets, 3 Bets On A Regular Basis (If Your Shots Are Picky Picks, This Is The Way To Go). The More The Better) Because They Will Believe That You Have Really Strong Stuff And Most Of The Cards They Play. Will Not Be Very Cool 

Likewise If Your Opponent Has A Tendency To Crouch When They Hit Something Hard, Check Race Bluffs Occasionally. Will Help You Quite A Lot

In The End, It’s Like Many Other Strategies In Poker. That Is, Don’t Use Too Much. Because If Used Regularly It’s Readable And Easy To Deal With. And Sometimes Will Be Killed By The Chicken In The Hand

But If The Style Of Playing Loose Aggressive To Play From Time To Time. It Made The Other People At The Table Restless. It’s Fun.