Brentford 2-2 Chelsea: Collected after the Premier League game, the Blues made a double tap to get points at the end of the game

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• In the first half, we still couldn’t see what Brentford could do.
• But from the score that Chelsea suddenly led 1-0, it became 1-2 behind.
• It’s still good to be able to speed up. Sale Disasi’s header tied the score in the 83rd minute.

Brentford 2-2 Chelsea: Collected after the Premier League game, the Blues made a double tap to get points at the end of the game

Programme: Football Premier League 2023/24
Match date: Saturday 2 March 2024
Stadium: GTech Community Stadium Result
: Brentford 2-2 Chelsea

bee and lion

We didn’t have the chance to meet each other very often when Brentford had only recently settled down in the Premier League for 2-3 years.

But just a few matches ago It’s clear enough to say that Brentford is a ufabet team that Chelsea doesn’t like when Nong Phueng always gives P’ Singh difficult tasks. No matter where, whenever

2021/22 Brentford won at Stamford Bridge 4-1.

2022/23 Chelsea couldn’t beat Brentford, drawing 0-0 away and losing 0-2 at home.

Meeting at the beginning of this season on 28 October, Brentford attacked and burned The Bridge again 2-0.

Take statistics as a criterion. It can be interpreted that Chelsea didn’t have many chances to win this game.

Poch’s Laboratory 2.0

Surprise applies to line-up announcements one hour before the game.

Mauricio Pochettino has selected five defenders at once – captain Ben Chilwell, Levi Colville, Axel Disasi, Trevoh Chalobah. and Malo Gusto

And when the game starts Standing in position, it is said that Pochettino chose to use the 3-center back system again in a 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 with Cole Palmer and Conor Gallagher. Acting as a supporter for Nicholas Jackson.

It was probably because of having to deal with heavy weapons like Ivan Toney, Joan Wissa, Vitaly Janelt or others from Brentford that made Pochettino choose to use the system.

Or not, because there are still a lot of injuries in other positions. As for the center, there are a lot of options, so I just threw it in and sent it down at the same time (haha).

Jack’s show

Not small jack, big jack Do you listen live or listen more dry? But it’s the same old father, Nicholas Jackson.

The first 45 minutes at GTech Community Stadium were considered “African Neymar” very good in the eyes.

Entering the first turn, pulling in to show off his superior style, chopping and deceiving the sky. In the end, the ball was involved in a collision with his own leg. Embarrassed, I lost my own rhythm.

On the second turn, Enzo Fernandez tapped smoothly for Jackson to break through and escape goalkeeper Mark Flecken, leaving just the post and the net. Mr. Jackson pressed it gently, emphasizing the crispness. He was easily trapped by the line controller.

Third turn : Malo Gusto bombs into the middle. Jackson soars up and attacks with both weight and direction. Go straight into the first pillar.

Overall form may still fluctuate. Not aggressive and dangerous and cannot be compared with the legendary striker like Didier Drogba (who is now 45 years old, still looks fit, sharp, and more dependable than Jackson)

But so far Jackson has scored 11 goals, including 8 in the Premier League.

But the goal was lost anyway.

The first half came well. The whole game was good and we got the lead.

But the second half was a different movie. Brentford snatched over from Mads Roerslev’s dropkick in the 50th and a beautiful somersault shot from Yoan Wissa in the 69th.

This means that Mak 3 center backs in this game Even though it might have been enough to close out the game for a great player like Ivan Toney, it was true that he lost 2 goals.

This is the 43rd loss of this season… which still has a quota left for Chelsea to lose a lot with 12 games remaining.

It was good that at the end of the 83rd minute, Axel Disasi pushed the game up and headed in Cole Palmer’s opener, but there was nothing left, helping Chelsea still have a point back with a score of 2-2.

Away game problems

In the narrow picture, Chelsea are unbeaten in 3 away games.

But in the wider picture What is a clear fact 4D is that Chelsea have won only 2 from their last 9 away games in the Premier League.

  • Lost to Newcastle 1-4,
    lost to Manchester United 1-2,
    lost to Everton 0-2,
    lost to Wolverhampton 1-2,
    won Luton Town 3-2, lost
    to Liverpool 1-4,
    won Crystal Palace. S 3-1
    draw Manchester City 1-1
    draw Brentford 2-2

The tactics have been changed. The pieces have been adjusted. Already switched positions The results of away games are still not very good.

How do I fix it?… It’s a question that Pochettino and the Blues players must answer.

The old word – football league stops talking.

The Carabao Cup is close to the finish line. He stumbled and fell before reaching the last meter.

The FA Cup is still on the way. The final 8 teams will meet Leicester City, which looks like they have quite a chance of reaching the semi-finals.

Premier League… Stop talking, stop talking!

26 games have passed, meaning there are only 12 remaining games, and so far Chelsea have not succeeded in getting themselves into the “top half” of the top ten.

  • 1. The form still fluctuates and is not up to standard.
    2. Away games are still a problem.
    3. There are many difficult games waiting.

I’ve said it before: At its best, it’s probably 8-9. At worst, it shouldn’t be more than 12-13.

At this moment, I still have to repeat the same words. Especially that this season of Chelsea will be good or bad, it will only depend on the “cup”.