Al-Nasser too outside to make Ronaldo indefinitely debut

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Cristiano Ronaldo red label Al-Nasser, in addition to having to wait two matches for a ban for swiping a young Everton fan’s mobile phone. Also has to wait for the ban to be suspended. Sell ​​the players first in order to have space to register foreign quota

Cristiano Ronaldo , the new star of Al-Nasser, a Saudi Arabian league team . Still have to wait for the field debut for the new agency. If the two-match ban is lifted due to the inability to register foreign players. Because the quota is already full 8 people have to wait for the UFABET club to sell at least 1 player before being able to play.

'Al-Nasser' too outside to make 'Ronaldo' indefinitely debut

The 37-year-old striker faces a ban imposed by his former club Manchester United. Resulting in him missing the side’s opener against Al Taie, which was postponed to Friday’s sixth. January due to heavy rain until the electricity was cut off. At the team’s field and the match away to Al-Shabab. The city’s rivals in the derby match on Saturday January 14.

However, after that, it is still uncertain if he will play in the next game, the opening match against Al-Ittifak on Saturday, January 21, because he still has to wait for the release of foreign players. in order to have space left for registration The news source said. Negotiations are ongoing to sell either player. But they haven’t reached the final stage yet.

“ Al-Nasser has not registered Ronaldo as there are no vacancies for foreign players,” a club official, who declined to be named as he is not authorized to speak to the media, told the AA. FP “Foreign players must leave. To register Ronaldo, either by selling or terminating the contract with both parties’ consent.”

The report states that midfielder Yaloliddin Macharipov, Uzbekistan. Likely to be released for CR 7, which is in a deal worth 175 million pounds per year, or about 7,136 million baht, under a two and a half year contract. Has entered the field for the team’s first match With two weeks left to complete this matter.