5 Qualities of a Good Poker Instructor

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Over The Years I Learned What Are The Main Things We Should Expect From Poker Instructors. With The Experience Of Being In Contact With The Teacher Plus The Fact That I Was A Math Teacher Before If You Are Looking For A UFABET Poker Instructor So I Can Help Guide You On What Kind Of Person He Should Be.

5 Qualities of a Good Poker Instructor

5 Instructor Qualities You Should Be Looking For

1. He’s Playing At The Same Level As You.

I Used To Have An Amazing Instructor Who Taught Me How To Play. But Sometimes We Just Chat Because I Can’t Understand What He Talks About In His Everyday Play. Because What He Said Was Above The Level For Me To Understand

Even If They Have Some Tricks And May Tell Me That What I Do Will Put Me In A Disadvantageous Position. But He Couldn’t Tell Me How To Win In That Situation. Because He Is Not Exposed To These Situations In His Daily Play

So If You Want To Win Your Game Find Referrals Who Are Currently Winning In Your Current Game.

2. Be Willing And Able To Teach You At Your Level.

It’s Important To Find An Instructor Who Has Won The Game At Your Level. But Still Not Enough

When I Was A Junior High School Teacher Instead, I Didn’t Have The Confidence To Teach Elementary School Kids. My Obstacle Is I Was Reluctant To Teach Children At Different Levels. Probably Like My Favorite Math. That Doesn’t Mean I Enjoy Teaching Kindergarten Kids To Count From 1-100.

Great Poker Players Are The Same. He May Be More Interested In Playing Than Teaching Someone. So Look For Someone Who Feels Like Teaching You At Your Own Level. Or You May Need To Go Up To The Level They Are Better.

3. Be A Person Who Can Prove Numbers

Because Of What? Because I Used To Be A Mathematics Teacher. So I Think This Is Another Important Quality For An Instructor.

The Instructor Should Be Able To Guide Me Mathematically On The Odds That I’m Going To Lose Each Time. If He Can’t Tell Both The Information And The Calculation Of The Opportunities That Will Happen Then That Would Be A Dangerous Place As He Might Change Based On His Instincts Without Any Reference To It.

4. Pay Attention To Your Success.

When I Was A Teacher In My Early Years Someone Has Always Said That “Students Don’t Care How Much Knowledge You Have. Until They Realize How Much I Care About Them.” And This Was True When I Was Teaching Very Stubborn Teenagers. I Think This Is About The Same As Teaching People Who Are Learning Poker. Because I’ve Been Before

When I First Started Learning New Poker Games. I Have Watched A Lot Of Tutorial Videos. Many Of The Genius Instructors Discussed Advanced Material That Would Never Cross My Mind Again. Until I Came Across One Website It’s Not Like The Previous Studies. I Felt That This Was A True Friend And It Made Me Very Interested In Learning. Even Though He Teaches The Same Things That I’ve Heard Before. But This Time I Felt That I Could Understand And Approach It. It Was As If My Friend, Who Cared About Me, Taught Me The Lesson.

5. There Is A Record Of Student Achievements.

Effective Teachers Should Be Able To Show Students Examples That Have Successfully Accomplished What They Teach.

When I Was A Teacher One Of The School Administrators Told Me That “If I Can Make My Students Succeed Even Just One Person. That Means I Have Completed My Duties.”

I Always Thought That Was A Joke. Because No One Would Be Happy To Make Just One Student Pass The Exam At The End Of The School Year.

But In Reality All Of Us At School Still Fondly Remember The Basketball Teacher. Because That Teacher Can Tell Which Students He Can Teach Successfully.

It’s The Same For Poker. Some Players Can Be Very Skilled. But Not Good At Teaching Others If You Are Reading This Article It Shows That You Want To Practice And Are Looking For A Good Tutor. I Hope My Experience Can Help You Know The Qualities Of The Person You Are Looking For.