How To Look Good Nude!

How to wear Nude with confidence

How To Look Good Nude!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have seen the colour nude making a chic splash everywhere this season. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Wigg and Cameron Diaz prove that while Nude might at first appear a subdued hue, when worn the right way it makes a bold statement!

How to wear nude

No longer just the colour of your Grandma’s underwear, this season nude has fashionistas drooling. You only need to take a quick look at Tiare’s 2012 Spring Collection to see why! Why then are we all a bit afraid to wear this season’s hottest colour? Most people fear that wearing nude will leave them looking washed out and let’s be honest this is a very real and present danger. However, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to make sure your venture into nudity is a resounding success.

Let’s look at how to wear nude and get it right. Firstly, the shade. Like many colours, nude comes in subtly different hues, picking the right one to complement your skin is one of the most important factors in looking good in Nude. Nudes fall into two basic hues:

1. Warm nudes – these have a yellow, brown or tan undertone. Basically they will be anything from a dark cream colour to a light brown. If you want to call the item you’re looking at a type of beige or sandy colored its probably a warm nude.

2. Cool Nudes – If you find yourself thinking this color veers towards ‘blush’ or a pale plum then you’re looking at a cool nude. These shades have rosy pink and/or blue undertones.

What does that mean? Well let’s take a look at some examples side by side:

How to wear nude - cool nudeHow to wear nude warm nude

See how the Bellona on the left has a more pinky hue? This is a “cool” nude vs. the “warm” nude featured on the Balsa tank on the right.

So, if your skin has yellow or brown undertones you should opt for the warm nudes, if you’re more of a pink or blue skinned girl then go for cool nudes and if your lucky enough to be neutral then go for whatever hue makes you smile more. The quickest way to test you undertone is to wash your face and stand in front of a mirror in natural light with a white towel or sheet draped across the front of your shoulders and your hair pulled back. How does your face colour compare to the stark white? Don’t just assume because you might be Asian or European that you automatically fall into a certain category.


Now that you know what shade to go for is time to pull together your outfit. Here are some killer tips on how to wear nude.

1. Nude looks great with nude! Pairing different shades in the same basic hue (either warm or cool) and/or textures is a great way to make sure your outfit doesn’t look too bland and wash you out. For example putting a light nude dress with a darker camel colored cardigan and a tan belt will take you from drab to fab instantly.

2. Play with textures: Think flowing silk, lace details, dreamy knits and a splash of sparkling champagne.

3. Make Patterns Pop: Nude is the perfect way to make your sweetly patterned skirt or top take centre stage. Putting a cool nude silk tank with a printed skirt or vice versa can make you look as fresh as spring. In fact you can even add a dash of animal print and let the rest of your nude make an otherwise wild look look runway chic.

4. Accent Nude with vibrant color: Nude is the silent achiever, by pairing it with strong reds, pinks or even blacks you’ll never be quite sure if it’s the splash of colour making heads turn or the Nude colored clothing doing all the heavy lifting. For example, if you’re going all nude in a monochromatic dress opt for a bright lipstick or break up the look with black accessories like a thin belt and stylish pumps.

5. Nude with Denim: What can I say, this is a match made in heaven! Add a few chic accessories and either heels or flats and your having your very own girl about town moment!

When Nude turns Naughty:

So we’ve been through all the dos. i.e. Make sure you choose the right color nude, play with textures and pair your nudes with statement pieces to make the most of them. On the flip side, here are a few no-nos when going nude for the first time:

1. Don’t go too tight: Tight untextured nude will look as uncomfortable as it sounds. Opt for a loose fit, especially if the fabric is very plain.

2. Never wear a shade that’s exactly the same as your skin colour: look for pieces that are a shade darker or at least two shades lighter.

3. Don’t be scared! You can look good nude! Just follow these simple rules on how to wear it right and step out with confidence, you’re guaranteed to turn heads!

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